The well-being of mothers and infants determines the health of the next generation.

In the 2018 State of the State address, Governor Eric Holcomb set the goal for Indiana to become the best state in the Midwest for infant mortality rates by 2024, challenging us to work together to improve conditions for infants. The governor labeled our current infant mortality rate as “unacceptable.” In 2016, 623 Hoosier children died before their first birthday. Indiana ranks 41st nationally for infant mortality, with our babies being 24% more likely to die before their first birthday than infants nationally. Indiana has lagged behind the national average for the past two decades.

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Youth Working at a Coffee Shop

Employment can be a valuable opportunity for youth.

In addition to the immediate benefits of earning a paycheck, employment experiences can deepen understanding of a young person’s dreams and career interests, facilitate conversations about financial literacy, teach important workplace skills, and provide opportunities to learn about responsibility, time management, and good work habits.1, 2 Employing youth also provides benefits to the hiring entity, such as the development of a strong talent pipeline.

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