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WEBINAR: Paying for College: Providing a Strong Foundation for Youth and Connecting to the Experts

January 17, 2018

1:00pm - 2:30pm (Eastern)

12:00pm - 1:30pm (Central)


It is essential that youth and their families understand how to pay for the postsecondary path of their dreams. A lack of knowledge about financial aid leaves students with a choice between giving up on their aspirations or incurring high levels of student debt that will risk their financial stability for years to come.

Youth workers can help position their students for financial success after high school by strengthening their own basic knowledge of financial aid and connecting with the experts that can answer students’ deeper questions. On this webinar, IYI will connect you to two experts who will convey essential information for advising students to pay for postsecondary education.

Speakers: Marvin Smith, Director of Student Financial Services, IUPUI and Colby Shank, Assistant Commissioner for Financial Aid and Student Support Services, Indiana Commission for Higher Ed

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