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The Indiana Youth Institute offers free webinars on topics related to youth development, allowing you to keep up with the latest in youth services.


WEBINAR: State of the Child: The Well-being of Indiana Youth

February 28
What are the top challenges for kids in Indiana – and what do we do about them? This session will provide the latest data from the 2018 Indiana KIDS COUNT© Data Book, as well as best practice research…

WEBINAR: Hidden Victims: The Impact of Opioid Use on Children

March 28
Over the past three years, the number of children removed from their homes due to parental alcohol and drug use has increased dramatically throughout Indiana. Children are often the hidden victims of …

WEBINAR: Safe Environments: No Bullies Allowed

April 26
Bullying is an ever-present cause for concern in our programs and schools. Join this webinar to recognize, prevent and intervene in cases of bullying in your youth serving program. Gain an understandi…

WEBINAR: Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining the Best Employees

May 23
In today’s highly competitive market, employers are looking to hire people who are trustworthy, dependable and motivated. Unfortunately, not all employers are happy with their new recruits. A sense of…

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