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The Indiana Youth Institute offers free webinars on topics related to youth development, allowing you to keep up with the latest in youth services.


WEBINAR: Closing the Gap: Ensuring Opportunity and Success for All Youth

May 18
Closing the achievement gap requires us to focus on more than just raising test scores. Disparities in student achievement are typically a reflection of inequality in opportunities inside and outside …

WEBINAR: Behavior is a Symptom, NOT the Problem: Getting to the Root!

May 24
Behavior is a Symptom demystifies the common behavior problems exhibited in schools by explaining WHY they occur and teaching HOW to change them. Transform academic and behavioral outcomes for youth b…

WEBINAR: English Language Learning: It's More Than Just Talk

June 14
This webinar features examples of activities English speakers and learners can do together to build language and academic skills. Participants will learn how to enrich afterschool English-learning thr…

WEBINAR: Facing Homelessness: Support for Youth through Education and Community

July 26
In 2015, the Indiana Department of Education identified over 18,000 youth who were experiencing homelessness. Homeless youth face a myriad of difficulties impacting their safety, their physical and me…

WEBINAR: Toxic Stress, Toxic Consequences: Helping Youth Thrive under Pressure

August 23
SPEAKERS:Sara Chambers & Jessica Nevell, Hamilton Center…

WEBINAR: Joyful Challenge through Choice

September 27
"When work is a pleasure, life is a joy! When work is a duty, life is slavery." This Maxim Gorky quote reveals an uncomfortable truth about many children's school experiences: with little voice or aut…

WEBINAR: Nourish Minds: Serving Healthy Meals at Your Program

October 25
Afterschool and summer learning programs play important roles in preventing childhood obesity by encouraging healthy lifestyles for young people. Discover how to leverage partnerships with schools and…

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