MENTOR Indiana, a strategic initiative of the Indiana Youth Institute since 2008, empowers youth champions to deliver quality mentoring across the state of Indiana.

Why Mentor?

Young people need to know that someone cares about them. Their daily challenges can often make them feel like they don’t matter. Mentoring changes that. Research shows that a quality mentoring relationship can have a resoundingly positive impact on our young people’s lives. This extends beyond their personal growth and development and extends into their academic and future professional lives. For all its benefits, unfortunately, one in three young people will grow up without ever having a positive mentor.

As the state affiliate of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, MENTOR Indiana serves as a unifying catalyst for quality youth mentoring. MENTOR Indiana is focused on being a valuable resource and creating impact.

MENTOR Indiana:

  • Advances the quality of Indiana’s mentoring through capacity building trainings and technical assistance.
  • Facilitates community collaboration, engagement and investment in mentoring through public awareness and advocacy.
  • Collects data to describe the impact of mentoring and to identify gaps in the range of services needed.

Find a Mentoring Opportunity Today!

Using the Mentoring Connector, the only national database of mentoring programs, you can easily search for programs in your community.

Looking for best practice support, tools, resources and reviews of mentoring research? The National Mentoring Resource Center is a reliable resource to strengthen your program.

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