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Youth Workers are among the hidden treasures of every community. We are the perpetual problem solvers, educators, community organizers, liaisons, and the super heroes of multitasking. Many of us do not realize the need for renewal until we are almost fully depleted. Often our work takes precedence over our love for ourselves.  

Join us for this presentation and gain real life strategies that will make you proud to post: #ilovemyprofession, #selfcare, #livingmybestlife, #youthworkersrock, #wemaketheworldgoround, etc. Attendees will: 

  • understand the common barriers to creating a lifestyle with regular renewal practices; 
  • define self-care and determine its importance in our industry, while answering “Do youth workers experience trauma?” and 
  • understand the different forms of renewal and learn to implement renewal practices regularly. 


  • Velshonna Luckey

    Director of Outreach & Partnership Development – United Way of St. Joseph County In addition to her role with United Way of St. Jo

    In addition to her role with United Way of St. Joseph County, Velshonna Luckey is the owner of Pendulum Consulting, LLC & Living in the Rest, Inc. Through Living in the Rest, she assists individuals and organizations in planning retreats. Her work with Pendulum Consulting is two part: to assist organizations who work with underrepresented students and their families and to assist individuals in developing work-life balance strategies with their whole self in mind.