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The development of neuroimaging in the past two decades has seen a quantum leap in the understanding of the brain. Just like discoveries of the microscope and telescope expanded our understanding, brain imaging technology has and will continue to provide greater insight of consciousness and ultimately behavior. There is great promise for this method in opening up an avenue not yet available to mental health treatment.

During this presentation, Dr. Yip will share how brain imaging methods are more easily accessible by private clinicians and used for brain mapping with patients. Attendees will hear about case studies from individuals with brain conditions such as trauma, reactive attachment disorder, autism, ADHD, depression, addiction, learning disabilities, dyslexia and others. She will also discuss how brain mapping results can support intervention strategies and how these efforts can lead to better understanding of behavior and inform and guide treatment.

Connect: You are invited to bring your program or service information to share and to arrive early or stay after for additional networking.


  • Dr. Jane Yip, PhD, BCBA

    Director – Indiana Brain Mapping

    Dr. Yip is a neuroscientist specializing in brain circuitry. She is a founder of Indiana Brain Mapping and has scientific publications on brain disorders. Through brain-mapping methods, she has helped hundreds of individuals understand their symptoms in association with the brain. She uses the brain-map to advise on treatment, and to visualize the brain circuit improvement upon interventions.