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We live in a digital age where kids spend a lot of time online using social media, instant messaging, researching, shopping and more. While social media can be a powerful means of communication and information sharing, it can also provide a platform for dangerous and criminal acts targeted at or involving young people.

This presentation and discussion will highlight the challenges that social media presents and how online experiences may lead to victimization.

Attendees will:

  • hear about current trends in social media and how it effects everyday life
  • examine the prevalence of online predators, sexting, sextortion and cyberbullying
  • learn to recognize warning signs and implement protection strategies to mitigate victimization


This graphic presentation will engage participants to also better understand the law as well as provide safeguards that promote healthy practices in social media usage among youth.

Connect: You are invited to bring your business cards and program or service information to share.


  • Brent Worth

    Captain, Morgan County Sheriff Office

    Captain Worth has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology from Indiana University. He uses his experience investigating crimes to educate the community in an effort to mitigate and reduce victimization.