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Do you know youth struggling with substance abuse, bullying, violent behavior, trauma or just normal relational issues?  Do you often ponder questions such as “why do they do that?” or “why don’t they just stop doing that?” in relation to the youth you serve? This presentation will challenge participants to take a deeper look into “heart of the matter” and learn how to search for understanding about the challenges facing youth. By taking a fresh perspective and engaging in intentional listening, we can gain insight into changing behavior and impacting outcomes for kids.

This presentation will dive deeper into the “Root of the Problem” and will provide a framework and tools to strengthen relationships, reduce conflict and build stronger teams.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • listen non-judgmentally to better connect;
  • get a better understanding of what drives people to do what they do; and
  • help change behavior to create positive outcomes


Connect: You are invited to bring your program or service information to share and to arrive early or stay after for additional networking time.


  • Rick Hollering

    Youth Service Alliance

    Rick is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant who for the last 30 years has been helping others maximize their potential and productivity.