Common Items that May Indicate Drug and Alcohol use

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Substance use disrupts brain function in areas critical to motivation, memory, judgment and behavior. For youth, drug and alcohol use is associated with an increased risk for depression, delinquency and crim, problems in school and risky sexual behavior.

According to the most recent Indiana Youth Survey conducted by Indiana Prevention Resource Center, 13.3 percent of Indiana teens ages 14 or older say they use alcohol or drugs to relax, feel better about themselves or fit in and 37.5 percent say their parents would not catch them if they were drinking.

Join us for this informative presentation to learn about current trends in youth substance abuse and about ways kids are concealing drugs and alcohol using seemingly everyday items. A cotton swab, hair brush, optical mouse, soda bottle, shaving can…these are all very common items, but can also serve as hiding places or signs of substance use. Attendees will learn to identify different controlled substances as well as how some simple household items may signify current drug use.


  • Kelli Reinke

    Spencer County Sheriff

    Kelli Reinke has been a full-time law enforcement officer for 19 years and a reserve deputy for 10 years. She has served as a field officer for community corrections and probation, a narcotics detective and a patrol officer. Kelli is trained in searching for, identifying and detecting various drugs.