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Children who experience multiple adverse early experiences, such as prenatal exposure to substances and/or prenatal stress, exposure to violence, or negative family relationships, have the highest levels of risk for negative outcomes throughout life.  An increasing number of children are affected by past or current exposures and events that can affect their behavior and sometimes lead to mental health diagnosis.

In order to support these children in a meaningful way, youth workers must have an understanding of the impact that such exposures can have on the children they serve. This presentation will address prenatal exposure to smoking, prenatal stress, early childhood experiences and their impact on later behavioral and mental health outcomes in youth. We will also discuss simple health and wellness techniques that can aid in building resilience against the negative influence of early adversity.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of:

  • how early experiences can affect physiology;
  • behavioral and mental health outcomes associated with early adversity; and
  • simple mental health and wellness techniques that can be used to by youth workers to help to equip youth with tools to enhance their lives and thrive.