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National polls show that 95% of teens in the United States have access to a smartphone, which affords easy access to content, media and social interactions that can be either helpful or harmful. Recent research has shown a link between social media and emotional distress among adolescents. Excessive screen time and mobile phone addiction is a recognized stressor for youth. The upward trend in suicide rates among youth has also followed the same curve as the rise in mobile phone and social media use.  

Join us for a presentation and discussion about developing new ‘digital life’ health habits. It is imperative to arm young people with tools to appropriately self-moderate their technology interactions and to teach them how to practice good digital citizenship. During this workshop you will: 

  • understand the potential harms of online technology use; 
  • learn about current trends in smartphone and social media use; and 
  • identify guidelines and tools for a healthy digital life from trustworthy sources.  


  • Adams County Cares System of Care

  • Wells County WRAPP System of Care

  • Adams-Wells Special Services Cooperative


  • Tammy Toscos, PhD

    Research Scientist – Parkview Health; Manager Informatics Research – Mirro Center for Research and Innovation

    Tammy Toscos holds a PhD in Informatics from Indiana University. For 15 years she has conducted research aimed at developing technologies that empower people of all ages to make better decisions about their health. Dr. Toscos currently leads an interdisciplinary team focused on youth mental health research.