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Mental health influences all areas of child well-being; children must have good mental health to reach their full potential. The CDC reports that factors such as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma and poverty have been linked to an increased risk for mental health illnesses. The National Survey of Children’s Health reports that Indiana youth have a higher prevalence than their peers nationally in seven out of nine ACEs.

Educators and youth workers are often uniquely positioned to see the toll chronic stress and trauma are taking on youth – including difficulty with emotional regulation and planning for the future. Being on the front line, you can support youth in developing the skills to cope, heal and persevere in their behavioral health and well-being.

Join us for this webinar to learn how to help young people develop emotional resilience to overcome the impact of trauma and chronic stress in their lives. You will:

  • understand recent advances in neuroscience and positive neuroplasticity, to help youth harness skills to overcome the impact of trauma on their behavioral and physical health;
  • gain practical, evidence-based strategies to enhance youth resilience through building positive coping skills; and
  • access practical resources to help youth utilize the four levels of self-care.

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