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As adults, it’s easy to assume we know everything about relationships between young people. In reality, the youth dating world is constantly changing and progressing. With one in three teens experiencing dating violence, it’s important for adults to become familiar with every aspect of young relationships; the healthy, the unhealthy and the abusive. Explore real life examples of relationships among young people, discuss how technology affects relationships, and delve into popular terms and names. Through Break the Cycle’s new movement “Let’s Be Real,” young people are empowered to promote a culture where everyone has a healthy relationship.

Speaker: Tonjie Reese – Youth Programs Coordinator, Break the Cycle

Tonjie Reese’s passion for ending dating and sexual violence started when she participated in an interactive travelling play focusing on teen dating violence during her sophomore year of high school. Upon earning her bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University, she became a community educator at Turning Point in Mt. Clemens, MI and later became the director of prevention education. Tonjie is a writer, has presented at various colleges, universities and conferences, loves working with young people, and enjoys discussing intersectionality and equality. Currently, Tonjie resides in Los Angeles, California where she serves as the youth programs coordinator for Break the Cycle.

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