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According to the 2019 KIDS COUNT Data Book, households for which the availability of food is uncertain, insufficient, or limited due to economic, physical, or other constraints are considered “food insecure.” Nearly 17 percent of children in Brown County live in households without secure access to adequate nutritious food. 

Food insecurity has long-term effects on the mental, physical, social, and economic health of children and families. When children don’t get enough food or don’t have a nutritious diet, they have trouble performing in school and maintaining overall health. Research shows food insecure children are more likely to suffer from illness, have developmental delays, or health deficiencies that track into adulthood. 

 Join us for this experience as we: 

  • Better understand food insecurity in Brown County.
  • Learn causes and implications of food insecurity for children.
  • Discover community resources and how the community is working to address this issue through local organizations and coalitions.