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The Indiana Youth Survey gathers data on youth electronic vapor product and tobacco use, perception of peer drug use, prescription drug use, heroin use, marijuana and synthetic marijuana use, gambling, and risky behaviors including riding in an automobile with someone under the influence. 

The Protecting Our Youth, Hidden in Plain Sight program utilizes this data to deliver evidence-based information to parents, families, caregivers and concerned community members regarding risky behavior that youth are engaging in. In addition, this program will include discussion about local risks and protective factors and learning about ways to talk with teens about decisions that could lead to risky behavior. 

This presentation will help you: 

  • increase awareness of current local trends related to drug use, drinking, vaping and other destructive behaviors; 
  • be able to identify the current drug and alcohol paraphernalia that teens are using; and 
  • learn how to effectively communicate with teens in difficult situations.