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Young people who have stronger social-emotional and cognitive skills are more likely to enter and graduate college and succeed in their careers.In addition, they are more likely to have positive work and family relationships, better mental and physical health, reduced criminal behavior, and are more engaged as citizens. Physical and mental health in childhood have an impact on other critical aspects of a child’s life,including school attendance and performance, and can have lasting effects on a child’s future health and well-being.

Youth driven systems must move beyond what has always been done with rules and consequences and shift the mindset to positive development of needed life skills for future success. Reach For Youth will define positive youth development and will outline application strategies taken in schools and in the criminal justice field. This workshop will promote strategies to strengthen self-understanding, self worth, sense of belonging, and resiliency among youth.Join us for this experience as we learn:• Positive Youth Development Best Practices

• Positive Youth Development Success and Benefits

• Advocacy practices for positive system change in schools and juvenile justice