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Postsecondary readiness is often considered primarily the responsibility of schools. Project Leadership will share a different model born from the community that aims to assist students in navigating the paths to financial accessibility for postsecondary educations.

Join us for this presentation and gain knowledge and tools that can be used in a collective approach to help all students pay for postsecondary pursuits. Attendees will learn:

  • everyone plays a role in postsecondary readiness;
  • steps to paying for postsecondary begin long before senior year; and
  • community partners can maximize your efforts.

Participants will also be introduced to a Community Planning Guide and receive a Toolkit takeaway to implement in their work with youth


  • Steve Gibson

    Director of Content – Project Leadership

    Project Leadership is an East Central Indiana nonprofit that encourages students to complete high school and post-secondary educations. Steve has worked to develop and extend Project Leadership’s college access and success programming.

  • Tammy Pearson

    Director – Project Leadership

    Tammy Pearson serves as the director of Project Leadership and leads through a desire to design and implement strong community programming that has meaning and creates positive change for families.