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It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, but how can youth workers do their jobs effectively when they aren’t receiving support from a youth’s family? The traditional PTO/PTA model does little to create lasting impact in challenging family and school or program relationships, so what other strategies exist to promote engagement from all parents? By using the “lens” of engagement, professionals can create sustainable change by establishing lasting partnerships with families. Learn how to utilize strength-based strategies for parent connections and overcome the obstacles that are preventing your student’s family engagement.

Topic: Education, Parent Engagement

Speaker Information: Calvalyn Day
Calvalyn received her master of science in educational counseling degree from Indiana University. She currently practices as a parent coach with consulting to school and community-based organizations. Calvalyn has more than 15 years of experience in and around schools with specific skills in special education, behavior improvement plans, motivational interviewing and staff development. Calvalyn is co-author of “Drag ‘Em Kicking and Screaming: Your 7 Step Action Plan to At-Risk Student Success” and executive producer of “Roots and Wings: The African American Mother Daughter Experience.” Her latest book, “Authentic Family Engagement: A Collaborative Care Approach” is due out fall of 2015. Calvalyn is a regularly contributing author of several locally and nationally syndicated blogs including The Huffington Post.

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