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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, high-quality early childhood care and education prepares children for long-term educational success in elementary school, middle school and high school. Among Hoosier children younger than six years, 68.3% have all parents in the labor force and likely need some form of care. The Indiana Early Learning Advisory Committee reports that only 16% of children likely in need of care are enrolled in a high-quality program. 

Providing children with high-quality early learning increases readiness for school and the work world, and businesses benefit by having parents more fully present in their work. Investing in early learning can provide long-term benefits for children, families and communities, socially and financially. 

Join us for this presentation and discussion to better understand: 

  • the short and long-term benefits of early brain development;  
  • the connection between high-quality childcare and high-quality workforce; and 
  • how to involve business and community sectors in improving childcare options to broaden early learning opportunities for all families. 


  • Jeri McCorkle

    Coordinator, First5

    Jeri McCorkle is working to increase local understanding of early brain development. The First5 coalition is also studying Rush County’s SWOT to determine where to best focus the community’s energy and efforts. Jeri has over 25 years of experience as an elementary educator and is passionate about helping her community thrive both now and in the future.