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According to the Indiana KIDS COUNT® Data Book, children in families with high levels of stress are twice as likely as their peers to be disengaged in school and four times as likely to have behavioral or emotional problems. An increasing number of children are affected by past or current trauma that impacts their neurological functioning, influences their behavior and sometimes leads to mental health diagnosis. In order to support these children in a meaningful way, youth workers must have an understanding of the effect that stress and trauma can have on the children they serve.

Join us for this event to learn about how stress and trauma can impact a young person’s social and emotional health and development. Attendees will gain insightful knowledge on how to provide trauma-informed support and environments to youth in school and community program settings. A key component will be how to build positive relationships and provide tiered levels of social and emotional supports that can help young people heal and thrive for long-term success.


  • Skye Berger

    Speaker: Skye Berger, Chief Encouragement Officer & Executive Creative Coach – Door Opener Academy, Skye Berger Group

    Skye Berger has more than ten years of experience as a consultant, coach, speaker and trainer. Her background includes child welfare and mental health facilitation and program development. Skye has reached youth and families nationwide through keynote presentations and training on leadership, renewal, teen parenting and transition-age youth.