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Children are growing up in a digital age and spend a great deal of time online using social media, instant messaging, researching and shopping. As a result, internet crimes and online bullying are increasing concerns as well. A study by Crimes Against Children Research Center showed that almost all youth (97%) were using the Internet from home, up from 74 percent in 2000, and almost half of youth (47%) were using the Internet from cell phones. Children are being targeted by online predators at an alarming rate and cyberbullying is becoming increasingly more prevalent.

Many teens don’t realize the dangers and risks that are lurking online. It is critical for adults to help youth learn how to protect themselves while still enjoying all of the benefits of the Internet. This presentation will address topics such as cyberbullying, sexting, sexual solicitation, child pornography and online radicalization. Attendees will increase awareness of these issues and learn about how to talk about internet safety with kids and teach them how to be safe and responsible online.