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Did you know that the character trait grit is a stronger predictor of postsecondary success than a student’s SAT score, IQ or high school GPA? Equally important, if young people have a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset, they could become more motivated, more willing to exert effort and more likely to achieve success. What could these concepts offer to you and the youth you serve? Hope! 

Join us for a conversation on grit and a growth mindset and how the combination could inform the work you do to help young people succeed now and in the future. During this presentation, participants will: 

  • learn more about these important concepts and the impact they can have; 
  • engage in an open dialogue among attendees; and 
  • share practical ideas for cultivating more grit and growth mindsets among the youth you serve. 


  • Indiana Center for Prevention of Youth Abuse and Suicide

  • Hamilton County System of Care

  • Prevail


  • Skye Berger

    Chief Encouragement Officer & Executive Creative Coach – Door Opener Academy, Skye Berger Group LCC

    Skye Berger has over ten years of experience as a consultant, coach, speaker and trainer. Her background includes child welfare and mental health, facilitation and program development. Skye has reached youth and families nationwide through keynote presentations and training on leadership, renewal, teen parenting and transition age youth.