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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC-Kaiser ACE Study, children who experience multiple adverse or traumatic childhood experiences, such as exposure to violence or negative family relationships, have the highest levels of risk for negative outcomes throughout life.The findings of the ACE Study show that leading causes of health, learning, behavior and productivity problems are often rooted in the cumulative impacts of childhood adversity.  

Nearly half (47.3%) of children in Indiana have experienced one or more Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). To support these children in a meaningful way, youth workers must have an understanding of the impact that trauma can have on the children they serve.  

This presentation and panel discussion will address trauma, the forms it takes in children and youth, and practical applications for those who interact with children in a non-therapeutic setting. You will: 

  • learn about trauma and its impact on development; 
  • understand adolescent behaviors in the context of trauma; and 
  • identify how to begin addressing ACEs with the youth and families they serve. 

Panelists will include a pediatrician, a wrap-around services supervisor, a school administrator and other local professionals. 


  • Owen County Family YMCA

  • Centerstone

  • Middle Way House

  • Purdue Extension Owen County