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Based on research by the Search Institute, the 40 Developmental Assets® have been identified as a series of positive experiences and qualities that help young people develop and thrive. The Developmental Assets® represent the relationships, opportunities and personal qualities that young people need to make positive choices, avoid risks and become caring, responsible adults. 

Join us for an in-depth discussion about how the Assets®, both internal and external, can be powerful tools to help young people overcome the impact of trauma caused by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).  

This dynamic presentation will assist in the creation of strategies to empower young people by providing support, guidance and diverse opportunities. Participants will: 

  • discuss the building blocks of healthy development; 
  • learn about the external and internal Assets®; 
  • identify how to begin using the Assets® to help youth and families address ACEs; and 
  • create a plan to support continued growth by building resilience.  


  • Skye Berger

    Chief Encouragement Officer & Executive Creative Coach – Door Opener Academy, Skye Berger Group

    Skye has more than ten years of experience as a consultant, coach, speaker and trainer. Her background includes child welfare and mental health facilitation and program development. Skye has reached youth and families nationwide through keynote presentations and training on leadership, renewal, teen parenting and transition-age youth