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According to the Indiana KIDS COUNT® Data Book, children who experience multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), such as exposure to violence or negative family relationships, have the highest levels of risk for negative outcomes throughout life. Data shows that an adverse childhood experience of any kind increased the risk of attempted suicide by 2- to 5-fold throughout a person’s lifespan; individuals who reported six or more ACEs had almost 25 times increased odds of attempting suicide.

The findings of the CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study show that leading causes of health, learning, behavior and productivity problems are often rooted in the cumulative impacts of childhood adversity. During this presentation, attendees will learn about the impact of ACEs and how understanding can lead to trauma-informed responses with children, youth and families. Attendees will:

  • better understand the ACE study and its importance;
  • discover how ACEs impact individuals and their health outcomes both at the micro and macro level; and
  • identify how to make a positive impact on childhood trauma with the youth and families they serve.

Feel free to bring your program or resource information to share and to stay after for additional networking.


  • Emily Perry, MSW, LSW

    Founder, Executive Director, Forensic Interviewer, Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Centers