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Part 1: Supporting Youth in a Virtual Environment

8:00 AM (EDT)

Research tells us that relationships are the key to successful learning, but can you build a relationship and support youth using digital tools? Yes, you can. This interactive presentation will demonstrate ways that youth-serving organizations can leverage digital resources and e-learning opportunities to connect with the youth they serve.

Part 2: The Innovators Mind and Disposition – How to Engage in a Paradigm-shattering Event for Educators and Youth Workers.

9:15 AM (EDT)

In the spring of 2020, students across the United States joined others across the world in school closures. Educators and youth workers were thrust into new ways of interacting with students. Many will continue with this challenge for the foreseeable future. In this session we will discuss the complexity of what has happened, the health disposition of innovators, practical frameworks for innovation, and why educators and youth worker are needed now more than ever.

Part 3: Panel Discussion

10:30 AM (EDT)

Join us with leaders from the area to discuss how they have implemented new strategies for staying engaged with students virtually. They will also share their thoughts on the morning sessions and takeaways from those sessions to improve their practices.