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Grant applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. EST Sept. 13, 2019Please review the grant overview page for more details and eligibility information.

If you have questions about the grant application form or process, please contact us at consulting@iyi.org.

  • Organizational information

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  • Organizational overview

  • Grant application questions

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  • Please attach the following documents:

    1. An agency/organization budget (not a program budget)

    2. Last year-end financial statement

    3. List of board of directors with details of years of service and representation

    4. Organizational chart

    5. Letter indicating 501(c)(3) nonprofit status

    6. Strategic plan (if any)

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    The files you upload must be 10MB or smaller in total size.
  • Statement of commitment

  • Please read and check the boxes below.

    Participating in capacity building technical assistance requires the commitment of the organization’s staff and board. If we receive this award, we will spend an average of three hours per week working with an IYI Consultant, with additional time needed to work with our staff and board members on projects, assignments, information gathering, accounting and reporting. At the beginning of the coaching and technical assistance, we will work with our assigned consultant to develop a capacity building plan that will outline the project(s) to be completed during our consultation and coaching. We will work with our IYI Consultant and/or IYI Client Success Manager to develop an application detailing the projected use of the sub-award funding in the spring of 2020.

    The success of this project depends greatly on all parties exhibiting a willing, cooperative, and committed attitude. This will include returning phone calls, attending scheduled meetings, providing necessary materials in a timely fashion, offering information and access to staff and/or board members, and steadily moving toward project completion. Also, regular narrative and financial reports will be required.

    By checking the boxes below, we agree to the terms outlined above and are willing to commit the time necessary to complete work on our capacity building plan should we be selected to receive an award.