Our consulting team will guide your organization with a straightforward, practical approach towards strategic clarity and help you move from planning to results.

Our experienced consulting professionals are equipped to help you no matter your needs. We serve individuals, communities, and organizations throughout the state of Indiana in a variety of areas including:

  • Strategic planning: We will lead your organization through a clear and engaging process that will provide clarity on your current and future impact. If you do not have a strategic plan or need to refresh your current plan, this service is for you.
  • Sustainability planning: Services are tailored to the unique needs of your organization and may include the creation of outreach plans, dashboards, and training tools. We’ll guide you through a clear and engaging process that will help you answer key questions about funding rationale, prospecting, communication, and monitoring.
  • Board development: Let us help enhance current board member engagement through coaching and training. You’ll see results such as improved communications and clarity on roles and responsibilities.
  • Program development: Revise or develop a program plan for impact. If your organization seeks a clear program direction with connection between resources, activities, and impact goals, this service will meet those needs.
  • Youth mentoring program development: MENTOR Indiana, a program of Indiana Youth Institute, empowers youth champions to expand and deliver quality mentoring practices through no-cost technical assistance.
  • Evaluation: We will help gather meaningful information from analyzing the data for organizational and collective effectiveness. As a result, your team will better understand, manage, and monitor continuous improvement.
  • Needs assessment: Our assessment will help you to determine your organization’s strengths and key areas for improvement. We will assist you in developing action plans to build on strengths, fill gaps, and strategically address challenges.
  • School and community impact: Providing support for K-12 schools to create innovative change in your school’s programs. Our team will help create a plan that highlights your school community’s specific needs while incorporating your vision into existing programs and practices.
  • Leadership development and executive coaching: Improve the effectiveness of your organization’s leaders – be it the CEO or the leadership team. Results are seen through communications, innovation, and teamwork.
  • On-site trainings (at your location): Professional education for your team to increase knowledge and skills in the areas that meet your organization’s specific goals. Trainings are available on: Strategic Planning for Positive Impact, board or staff retreats, Elements of Effective Practice in Youth Mentoring, Essentials to Mentoring Boys and Young Men of Color, and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). For more information on custom or emerging topics, contact IYI consulting services at consulting@iyi.org.
Thanks to the assistance received through IYI consulting services, our organization will never be the same. We are more equipped to help more youth in our community and their families.

Tavetta Patterson, Gary Life Education Initiative