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IYI Media Bytes is a resource that makes newsgathering quicker and easier. This free service offers you on-demand videos, sound bytes and quotes about timely youth development issues. Each video has a brief description of the topic as well as time codes to sound bytes of interest.  Please feel free to use this service for evergreen sound and video at any time.

New Bytes:

March 2015

Parents Behind Bars: 
Indiana ranks high, but not in a contest the state wants to win. Indiana has the country’s second highest rate of incarcerated parents. This phenomenon has a significant negative impact on Hoosier children. This Media Byte explores the challenges children who have parents that are locked up face. It also explains what can be done to build bonds between children and parents when there are a set of bars between them.

February 2015

Saving their Scholarships: 
Indiana’s 21st Century Scholarship program is designed to help low-income students further their education. However, 82% of Scholars are at risk of losing that money and their chance at postsecondary success because of a recent change to the program’s requirements. What’s behind the change? What are the new steps Scholars must go through in order to receive their scholarship? This month our experts explain why the state chose to put this program in place and why these new steps are goals every college-bound student should consider before leaving high school. Learn more about how these changes can impact the Scholars you work with.

Preventing Teen Dating Violence:  
The Centers for Disease Control reports 12% of Hoosier teens experience physical violence from a dating partner, but not all abuse is physical. Teens also experience emotional abuse, which may be less obvious to those who care about them. We spoke to experts to find out why the number is so high in Indiana, what is behind the disturbing experiences and the warning signs parents and caring adults need to keep their eyes open for when it comes to their teen’s relationships.

Protecting Your Child’s Identity: 
It seems major data breaches are making headlines every day. But it’s not just adults whose identities are at risk. More and more criminals are targeting children and stealing their information. It’s a problem that can go undetected until your little one grows up, leaving a slew of financial issues in its wake. We spoke to experts to find out how the issue happens, the impact it can have on your child’s financial future and what parents need to do now to protect their children.



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