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IYI Media Bytes is a resource that makes newsgathering quicker and easier. This free service offers you on-demand videos, sound bytes and quotes about timely youth development issues. IYI President & CEO Bill Stanczykiewicz will speak on new topics every month.  Each video has a brief description of the topic as well as time codes to sound bytes of interest.  Please feel free to use this service for evergreen sound and video at any time.

New Bytes:


Lead Poisoning Prevention:  Exposure to lead poisoning is still an issue for our children today.  Lead lurks not only in paint in older homes but in the soil, costume jewelry for kids and other places that might surprise you.  This Media Byte discusses the signs and symptoms of lead poisoning and where lead might be hiding.

Poor Language Skills Linked to Behavior Problems:  Children with poor language skills can be at risk to develop lasting behavioral problems. This Media Byte features tips on how to reach out to children who have poor language development.

Becoming the Perfect Parent:  Parenting can be challenging but most parents already have a foundation for developing successful relationships with children.  This Media Byte looks at how to improve parenting communication skills to navigate those tough times as well as deepen and strengthen a relationship with a child.

High School Internships:  Some high schools are taking a community-driven approach to preparing students for careers by offering internships.  Local businesses also use these internships as workforce development opportunities.  This Media Byte explores why high schools internships are a good fit for both students and businesses.


Special Education Services:  Local school systems can help children with special needs and challenges, beginning at age 3.  This help is available to any family in a public school district, even if the child needing services attends a private or religious school or is home schooled.  This Media Byte helps parents understand the steps to getting help and where to go for support.


Creating a College-going Culture Early:  Children need to be encouraged early and often to pursue some education after high school.  Many opportunities can be missed if adults wait until a student is a senior in high school to talk about what educational opportunities are next.  This Media Byte looks at how to create a college-going culture in families and schools when children are young.  It also explores ways to begin saving for postsecondary expenses so the cost isn’t so overwhelming. 

Career Innovation:  The State of Indiana is making an effort to make sure Hoosier graduates have the education and preparation necessary to get a job.  The state government is working with employers to see what skills are needed and how to better align high school and college curriculums to meet employer workforce demands.  This Media Byte discusses what is being done and how students can take advantage of different educational programs that prepare them for the workforce.


Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention:  Approximately 20 percent of teens are abusing prescription drugs.  Many people with chronic pain think the pills are safe to take because doctors prescribe them.  Others dealing with depression and anxiety form an addiction to prescription drugs because they are easily available.  Yet, abuse of prescription drugs can be habit-forming, and these pills can serve as a gateway drug for heroin. This Media Byte addresses the warning signs parents should look for and ways to talk to your child about addiction.

Diabetes Care:  Diabetes is one of the most prevalent health conditions among students.  This chronic condition is treatable, but there is no cure.  That leaves many students managing the condition while trying to learn.  The Media Byte discusses how students and schools can work together to control the condition.

Agri-Business Opportunities:  Agriculture jobs now include more than just farming.  Many jobs apply to agriculture.  In the next 40 years, the U.S. will need to produce more food than in the last 10,000 years combined to keep up with population growth.  That’s a lot of food that will require many minds.  This Media Byte explores what the agriculture industry is looking for, including people with a range of degrees from a high school diploma to a doctorate.  Careers include marketing, law, finance, research, computer science and engineering just to name a few.

Preparing for Back-to-School:  Many students are already back in school and more start classes soon.  This Media Byte looks at how parents and students can get ready for the return.  Find out how to help children adjust from unstructured summer days to scheduled school days.  Discover how to adjust bed times, address anxiety about new schools, grades or classes, and learn how to be sure kids are ready to tackle their academics.


Participation in Youth Sports Leagues:  The number of children who play in organized sports leagues is declining. There are many reasons for that, but children get many benefits from playing organized sports including increased physical fitness, improved motor skills, better emotional health, increased social skills, and understanding of goal setting and soft skills, such as learning to take instruction and being a team player. This Media Byte delves into why playing team sports is not only fun but offers children guidance in growing into well-rounded adults.

Summer Hunger:  School is out, but that could mean some meal challenges for children who are food insecure.  Around 50 percent of Hoosier students use free and reduced price lunches during the school year, but those meals stop with the last day of class, leaving 345,000 children at risk for hunger.  This Media Byte discusses the problem in Indiana and gives action steps on what can be done to reduce hunger.

Parents Distracted By Devices:   It’s not just kids that are enthralled by their digital devices.  Parents can be also be guilty of spending too much time plugged in.  When parents are focused on a digital device, children are often put on hold, which can cause developmental and emotional problems.  This Media Byte looks at how to push the pause button on digital devices when it comes to family.

Teen Social Media Lives:  About 75 percent of teens use social media and adults often accuse them of spending too much time online, but social media can be the 21st century place to “hang-out.”  This Media Byte looks at why teens turn to social media for friendship and support, plus what adults need to be aware of to keep kids safe online.


Mayors and Mentoring:  More cities are developing mentoring initiatives as an overall strategy to help increase citizens’ quality of life.  Mentoring programs help with workforce development, economic opportunities and also serve as prevention measures so cities save money on law enforcement.  This Media Byte delves into what it takes to start a mentoring initiative, what success looks like and why many cities are adding it as a public safety tool. More on this topic.

High School Internships:  Some high schools are taking a community-driven approach to preparing students for careers by offering internships for seniors.  Local businesses also use these internships as workforce development opportunities.  This Media Byte explores why high schools internships are a good fit for both students and businesses.

Involved Dads:  This Father’s Day, we honor the real heroes in our lives:  dad.  Fathering has changed over the last century.  This Media Byte discusses what it means to be a modern dad and how fathers can find more opportunities to be involved in the lives of their children. 

School Counseling Challenges:  Indiana has one of the worst ratios of school counselors to students.  The average is 620:1. In addition, 90 percent of counselors responding to an IYI survey admit they don’t know all the information needed to help students succeed.  This Media Byte describes how schools can better help students understand their educational and career options after high school.


Aging Out of Foster Care:  Many children get support from their families well into their 20s, but foster children face unique challenges as they transition out of foster care. Often with no family support, they struggle with educational attainment, homelessness and joblessness. This media byte explores how to better help foster children transition to adulthood and independent living.

Healthy Habits for Moms:  Mothers are known to nurture their children, but this Mother’s Day, Mom might need some tender care. This media byte touches on what moms can do to make themselves and also their families happy and healthier. Tips include stopping the competition, taking time for solitude and changing their relationship with money.

Ivy Tech Community College’s ASAP Program The Associate Accelerated Program, otherwise known as ASAP, gives students the opportunity to earn a two-year associate degree in one year. Students can then begin their careers or transfer their credits to four-year schools. This media byte discusses the program’s benefits, expectations and outcomes for students.

Male Body Image Struggles:  When we think of eating disorders, often girls come to mind, but boys also struggle with body image issues. Girls may binge and purge to slim down, but some boys want to bulk up. This media byte explores what drives male body image issues, looks at warning signs and explains how to talk to boys that are facing body image challenges.

Teen Summer Employment Forecast:  As summer approaches, many teens hope to find jobs for the times they are out of school. This media byte looks at this summer’s employment forecast for teens. Find out what kinds of skills teens need to land a summer job and the best ways to look for employment.


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