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Each month, IYI submits an op-ed newspaper column that runs regularly in the Indianapolis Star and often appears in other newspapers across the state.


IYI Monthly Columns


Child Identity Theft
One in 40 households with children under age 18 have experienced child identity fraud. Along with having pristine credit, children are targeted because illegally using a child’s information can go undetected for years. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) warns, “By the time a young person opens his or her first checking accounts, credit card accounts, or applies for college financial aid, someone may have already had a decade-long shopping spree under that identity.” Learn how to identify the warning signs of child identity theft and what you can do to prevent it in IYI’s monthly column for April.

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Parents Behind Bars
Indiana has one of the nation’s highest rates of incarcerated parents, and the negative effects on their children are significant. Research summarized at the University of Minnesota revealed, “Through no fault of their own, kids with incarcerated parents are at a terrible disadvantage.”  These children are more prone to physical health problems, depression, poor school performance and delinquency. These sons and daughters are more likely to live in poverty and are at higher risk of being uninsured and homeless. Learn more about the impact of incarcerated parents on youth and how you can help in this interview with President & CEO Bill Stanczykiewicz and WFYI and in IYI’s monthly column for March.

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Saving Their Scholarships
Indiana’s 21st Century Scholarship program is designed to help low-income students further their education. However, 82% of Scholars are at risk of losing that money and their chance at postsecondary success because of a recent change to the program’s requirements. What’s behind the change? What are the new steps Scholars must go through in order to receive their scholarship? This month our experts explain why the state chose to put this program in place and why these new steps are goals every college-bound student should consider before leaving high school. Learn more about how these changes can impact the Scholars you work with in IYI’s monthly column for February.

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Big Mentor on Campus
With the start of the spring semester, many parents, teachers and students alike are focused on one thing: graduation. But how can we help students get there? How can we support them once they’ve crossed that finish line? Mentoring can play a huge role in helping students reach graduation and keeping them on track through the college years, especially when it comes to 21st Century Scholars. Learn about how critical extra support is for low-income or first-generation college students, and the difference a mentor can make in this radio interview with WFYI and IYI President & CEO Bill Stanczykiewicz and in IYI’s Monthly Column for January.

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