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IYI's monthly column published by the Indianapolis Star and other Indiana media covers important youth issues.   

News Releases about IYI activities and youth issues.

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The KIDS COUNT® Radio Show airs weekly on several stations around the state. Listen to experts on important youth topics.

KIDS COUNT® Minutes public service announcements.


WFYI Radio Interviews WFYI
A quick, informative conversation about child development issues airs the first Monday or Tuesday of each month on WFYI Public Radio in Indianapolis. Listen to IYI President and CEO Bill Stanczykiewicz discuss these topics with WFYI’s Sharon Alseth.


April Monthly Media

Child Identity Theft

One in 40 households with children under age 18 have experienced child identity fraud. Along with having pristine credit, children are targeted because illegally using a child’s information can go undetected for years. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) warns, “By the time a young person opens his or her first checking accounts, credit card accounts, or applies for college financial aid, someone may have already had a decade-long shopping spree under that identity.” Learn how to identify the warning signs of child identity theft and what you can do to prevent it in IYI’s monthly column for April.

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December: Facebook Depression

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