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IYI's monthly column published by the Indianapolis Star and other Indiana media covers important youth issues.   

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IYI's Media Bytes are on-camera interviews produced on youth-related topics that affect Hoosier children, parents and families. These interviews feature IYI's interim president and CEO Glenn Augustine. They are available for download from IYI's YouTube channel.


August Monthly Media

Maintaining Math Momentum

Math is becoming increasingly important in our ever-changing global economy. Still, educators and parents alike face challenges when trying to encourage students to stay interested in the subject.

Research compiled in the Indiana Youth Institute’s 2015 KIDS COUNT in Indiana report found that while 52% of Hoosier fourth graders scored at or above proficient in math on national tests 8th grade students only tested at 38%. There’s a similar difference when you look at ISTEP+ results.

IYI's monthly column for August addresses the slide and looks at how educators are trying to keep kids interested and excelling in math throughout school.


Download the 450-word column.

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