The Indiana Youth Institute promotes the healthy development of Indiana children and youth by serving the people, institutions and communities that impact their well-being.

Mental Health and Suicide

Nearly 20 percent of Hoosier youth have mental health needs, and suicide is the second leading cause of death among Hoosiers between the ages of 15-24. Learn more about suicide risk factors and warning signs, plus what families can do if they suspect a child is suicidal, in IYI's Monthly Column for April.

Free Webinar for April: "Engaging Board and Staff in Fundraising"

Fundraising is about more than just asking for money, and there are numerous roles people can play in the process. This free webinar, held on Wednesday, April 30, from 1:00pm-2:00pm (Eastern), will teach you new ways to help engage your staff and board in fundraising.

Learn more and register here.

Latest Issue Brief: Youth Suicide Risk Factors, Warning Signs, and Prevention

Suicide has been the second-leading cause of death for young Hoosiers between the ages of 15 and 24 since 2009. Learn more about youth suicide risk factors, warning signs, and prevention in IYI’s latest Issue Brief, "Youth Suicide in Indiana."

2014 Postsecondary Counseling Institute presented by Kroger

Registration is open for the fourth annual Postsecondary Counseling Institute! If you counsel students on their education options after school, you won’t want to miss this event. Learn more here.

Free Mentor Trainings: Help Your Mentee Develop Grit
This free training, offered in five cities throughout Indiana, will help mentors understand what grit is and how it challenges our assumptions about why some students persist in college and others do not. Register today for “Mentoring Youth to Develop Grit – One of the Most Significant Predictors of Postsecondary Success.” Learn more here.

IYI Media Bytes

IYI Media Bytes makes newsgathering quicker and easier. This free service provides on-demand videos, sound bytes and quotes about timely youth development issues. IYI President & CEO Bill Stanczykiewicz speaks on new topics each month.  Watch the videos and learn more here.

Mentoring PSAs

Check out these inspiring PSAs that demonstrate the tremendous impact mentoring can have on mentors and mentees alike, then find out how to become a mentor here.

Sam and Jayden's mentoring relationship helps them to see what's really important in life. Watch the video.

Mentoring PSA- Sam and Jayden

You can view all of the PSAs here.

Stat of the Week

Nine out of ten Indiana third graders passed the IREAD in SY2013 (90.9%).

Source and related resources from IYI's library here.

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