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Experts say networking is an important
part of building capacity.

Research shows that isolated organizations are the ones most likely to struggle and fail, and those organizations that are “peer-connected” are more likely to succeed.

That’s why we developed the concept of the Youth Worker Café – a regular local gathering of community youth workers to network, share information and learn from each other.  Our outreach managers work with community champions to organize and help publicize the events.   To draw attendance, we provide a free lunch and assists with bringing in speakers.  Often, part of the meeting is devoted to networking.  Youth workers can learn about each other, develop community-wide initiatives, and build trusting relationships that may inspire collaborations or sharing of back-office functions. 

Since the Youth Worker Café program began in 2005, our outreach managers have helped to form dozens of Cafés around the state.  Some of the Cafés meet quarterly, others monthly, and others irregularly.  Participants vary with each Café.  Some Cafés are just for youth workers; others are true community gatherings, with participants from business, health, religion, government, schools and media, as well as the youth work sector.  Some new Cafés are intended just for faith-based youth workers. 

The beauty of the Café concept is that the community can make it whatever it thinks best to improve their efforts to support kids and families.

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