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The Indiana Youth Institute is a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides capacity-building programs and resources for the state’s youth workers and nonprofit youth-serving organizations, including schools.  We are also an outspoken advocate for healthy youth development in Indiana. 
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Our Funding

The Indiana Youth Institute’s programs are offered for free or very low cost, allowing youth organizations that are often on tight budgets to save money that can be used instead for their services to youth.

We depend on individual, foundation, and corporate donors to support our work so that we can keep these resources coming.  We gratefully receive donations from anyone wishing to promote the healthy development of children and youth in Indiana.  Go to Donate Now if you wish to make a gift. 

Who We Are

Staff — Currently, IYI has 34 staff members, including outreach managers working in eight regions across the state. 
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Board of Directors — IYI is governed by a Board of Directors made up of a diverse group of men and women from around the state who are either elected by the board or appointed by supported organizations to three-year terms. 
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IYI Consultants — IYI has more than 50 consultants under contract to assist us in delivering our Consulting Services by working one-on-one with youth organizations.  Our consultants are carefully chosen for their knowledge, expertise, references, ability to understand and address the problems faced by youth workers, and their willingness to help.  IYI also uses consultants for data research and other projects to expand our staff capacity. 

Our Mission and Vision

Mission:  The Indiana Youth Institute promotes the healthy development of Indiana children and youth by serving the people, institutions and communities that impact their well-being.

Vision:  All Indiana children and youth will attain five critical elements of healthy youth development: physical health and safety, emotional fulfillment, academic achievement, civic engagement and economic self-sufficiency.

Our Clients

IYI serves youth workers and nonprofit organizations that provide services directly to, or on behalf of, children and youth up through age 18 and their families.  Our resources are used by after-school and summer camp programs, mentoring and tutoring groups, family service organizations, Scout troops, YMCAs, schools, youth ministries, arts organizations and museums with youth outreach, and agencies serving disabled or homeless children, among others.  Secondary audiences include public officials, civic leaders, academics, and other policymakers who develop decisions impacting Indiana children.  

Current Programs

IYI’s programs are carefully designed to further our mission to improve the healthy development of children and youth.  Program development is based on scientific studies and evaluations of the needs of Indiana youth workers, with input from our statewide board and staff, particularly our field representatives who spend most of their staff time with youth workers in their regions.  Many programs were piloted in several communities before being fully implemented statewide.

Each program has a stated goal, as well as measurable outcome and output objectives, which are reviewed by the entire IYI staff in quarterly meetings in order to make improvements. 

Programs fall into four broad categories:


IYI Weekly Update — free, electronic newsletter featuring training opportunities, free resources, new reports about youth, and grant opportunities.

KIDS COUNT® in Indiana Data Center — online database that includes the latest state, county, and school district-level statistics on Indiana children and youth.

Custom Data Research – free service to obtain hard to find data on family and youth issues.

Virginia Beall Ball Library — one of the best specialty lending libraries in the country, with easy online access and complimentary mailing service that delivers youth development and nonprofit management materials, special reports, videos, DVDs, and training and curriculum resources.

Issue Briefs  — special reports that provide critical information about timely youth issues.

Human Resources and Employee Benefit Program — In partnership with WorkSmart, our
Professional Employer Organization (PEO), IYI offers a Human Resources and Employee Benefit program that handles the office work so you can get back to youth work.

Training & capacity building

Trainings — professional development opportunities offered at convenient locations across the state on topics such as fundraising, working with children, and promoting parental involvement.

Webinars — free educational sessions by phone with computer visuals that allow Indiana youth workers to learn more about the latest youth development trends from national and local experts in the convenience of their own offices.

Professional Development Grants — financial assistance for Indiana youth workers to attend courses, conferences, and seminars that will help them promote the healthy development of children and youth.

Because KIDS COUNT® Conference — annual fall conference designed to give Indiana youth workers the inspiration, networking opportunities, information, and knowledge they need to serve youth and families effectively.

Ask IYI (855-2ASK-IYI) — toll-free, professional phone consultation to assist youth organizations with questions about fundraising, youth development, and legal matters.

Consulting Services — one-on-one coaching from professionals who can help with fundraising, program evaluation, technology, and other nonprofit management issues like strategic planning, board development, marketing, executive mentoring, and volunteer recruitment and retention.

Custom Solutions — professional consulting services for large-scale evaluation, strategic planning, management, and research projects required by schools, multi-site nonprofits, government agencies, foundations, businesses, out of state agencies, and others. 

Parent & Community Involvement

Parent Involvement Initiative — programs that promote parental involvement in the lives of children – one of the top requests for assistance from youth workers – by supporting community coalitions, encouraging responsible parenting practices, and collaboration among statewide parenting organizations.

Youth Worker Cafés — regular local networking meetings that bring community youth workers together, build relationships, and inspire collaborations that help kids.

Kids Count Media — media resources that promote the health and well-being of Indiana youth, including the Kids Count Radio Show, Kids Count Minutes public service announcements for radio and TV, and newspaper opinion editorials.

Indiana Mentoring Partnership — a public awareness campaign to promote the importance of mentoring for all Hoosier children with the goal of increasing the number of adults who will mentor a child.

Special projects

Drive of Your Life.org, a fun, interactive Internet video game site designed to help middle school students learn more about themselves, careers that might fit their interests and high school courses and activities that can lead to successful college applications.  An educator’s tool is available to help integrate the site with classroom curricula.  This project is funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.

TripToCollege.org provides parents with a step-by-step guide to making college a reality for Indiana kids – no matter what their child’s age.  This project is funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.


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